It is always best to keep your Pet on their own diet to avoid any strain on their digestive system; at home your pet may be able to go from one brand to another with out any digestive problems, but in a kennel environment with so much excitement, it is sometimes overwhelming and a change of food can often irritate the digestive tract. This is why it is always recommended to maintain the same diet away from home as you do at home. However, we can supply our house food for an additional $2.50/day per animal. We will feed based on your instructions and can handle any special needs: refrigerated or micro-waved meals, special mixing or additions, just let us know. It is due to rising supply costs that we now have to start charging for “House” food, but if you bring yours from home it is given for free. It is recommended that you bring only enough for your pets stay and an additional 1-2 days extra for just in case situations. Any unused portions at the end of your stay will be donated to rescue operations in and around the area, so please bring only what is needed as it will not be returned at pickup.

Note : You don’t have to worry about prepackaging your daily food as we have containers at our facility that we use specifically for that purpose.


We provide to all animals raised platform bedding as well as fleece blankets to all Pets staying in the Fun-Runs. We are unable to accept any bedding of any kind for those staying in the Fun-Runs because it is not only difficult to keep with the Pet but it may get torn up by a feisty neighbor. It is much easier for us to wash and organize our own bedding materials than to try and keep order of 50 or so owner’s blankets. We are however able accept any type of bedding for those staying in the suites, since we only have 7 suites at any one time. This doesn’t mean however that you must provide bedding for suite Pets, as we have a large collection of soft pillow beds and blankets that can be used.


We can supply any number and type of toys you would like while your Pet is staying with us. They are washed regularly and if torn or damaged are then discarded. The reason we do not recommend bringing toys from home is that they might get kicked under the fencing into another Pets run and then lost. We do not mind accepting toys, but please keep in mind that we can not guarantee their return. For Suite staying Pets it is perfectly all right to bring toys from home as there is no where for them to be lost.


If you would like to bring some treats for your Pet that is perfectly fine with us. Upon checking in just let us know how often you would like them given out. Please try to bring only enough treats for your Pets stay, as this will help us maintain our food service areas, eliminating unused treats and clutter.


We can administer any medication on any needed schedule. If your Pet has any special needs please note them on your booking forms and again at check in. We do not charge extra for special needs Pets unless excessive, as we feel it our responsibility to you and your Pet while they are staying with us. If for some reason due to the extreme nature of your Pets condition we feel that it is unsafe for us to accept your Pet, we will notify you as soon as possible and try to help make arrangements with your Vet for accommodations. Please keep in mind that we are not a "Vet facility" and that pets with many medications or those pets requiring abnormally frequent medication schedules should be boarded at your Vet; insuring their conditions may be appropriately monitored by professional medical practitioners.