The Barking Bus has been long in the making and will very soon be on the road providing yet another service of convenience for our furry friends and their families. The Barking Bus is a full size school bus retrofitted with not only fun and service in mind but safety. The entire interior has been removed and replaced with individual grooming cages. This allows us to transport many dogs at once but in a safe and secure environment. Also a secondary security door has been added so that if a pet escapes the leash it can't just run out the front door. The bus is fully equipped with both heating and air-conditioning, with fresh water stored on board at all times so that during stops, the pets always have access to water.

Now that you know what The Barking Bus is, what is it for exactly? Well, as soon as the bus is complete and ready for service it will be used for the transportation of pets between groomers and our boarding facilities at All Creatures Pet Lodge. Because we feel we have an exceptional facility and style of boarding that doesn’t exist too many places in Central Florida, we feel that just because you may live a 30-45 minute drive away it shouldn’t stop you from boarding with us. We think that if given a convenient method of transportation practically every pet owner would choose to board at our facility rather than boarding in a crate next to diseased and sickly animals at their Veterinarian. We feel that boarding in a boarding facility that specializes in boarding is much more appropriate than boarding in a facility that houses sick animals where the odds of passing on those sicknesses are only increased.

Naturally we cannot start off with every grooming facility on board with us, but over time, with your help, we can certainly grow our service and convenience. If you currently have a groomer that you prefer and have used, please mention to them our efforts to bring boarding opportunities closer to home.